Elizabeth Leonard Session Singer

Versatile | Reliable | Accurate


Elizabeth can sing ANYTHING. Well, perhaps except thrash metal...or out of tune! With classical, rock, show tunes, jazz, pop, and much more under her belt, she can produce almost any vocal style you desire for your next recording project. This vocalist is the ideal session singer: extremely versatile, flexible, directable, punctual, reliable. Elizabeth can sight read anything in a flash, as well as learn a tune or add harmonies by ear. She can give you a stand-out vocal sound, or blend flawlessly with a group.

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Whether you need a unique, strong voice to advertise for your company, or record your latest composition, or a subtle voice to create layers for a choral effect, Elizabeth will get the job done for you, with efficiency, accuracy, and superb quality.

Recently, Elizabeth has been recording tracks for composer/producer Joslin DSouza on his latest masterpiece, "The Nativity," a contemporary oratorio. For this project, she has sung the part of Mary, as well as laid down layers of choral vocals, in addition to assisting in the choral direction of other voices involved in the project.