Elizabeth Leonard Vocal Coach

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Vocal Coach

Elizabeth has a passion for performing. Her diverse performing experience combined with her education make Elizabeth the vocal coach you need to take you to the next level. Already have a voice teacher? Add Elizabeth to your arsenal in your preparation for your upcoming audition or performance. She will give you the extra performance coaching you need to make it your best! Never had vocal instruction? Elizabeth will help you shine on the stage you know you were born to own.



Vocal Coach

Watch and hear Elizabeth perform, and you will know you are in good hands as she guides you into stardom...and she has the education to back it up. She holds a bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance and a master's degree in Vocal Pedagogy. Your audience will NOT be disappointed!!!

Elizabeth's performances range from singing opera roles to rocking with a professional band on stage. She has a gift for capturing an audience with her emotional connection to the music, and she loves to bring that gift out in others. Her teaching background includes working with local school districts teaching hundreds of students, instructing them in vocal technique and preparing them for multiple auditions and performances. She has her own private studio where she has provided this same type of instruction, on a more personalized, in-depth level.

Presently, Elizabeth is focusing primarily on coaching students to performances and auditions. Her students come to her for the finishing touches in their performance preparation process. Often, her students study regularly with another vocal instructor, and come to her for vocal polish and stage performance sculpting.