Elizabeth Leonard Biography

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Born in a small rural town in Illinois, Elizabeth grew up with a fascination of music. Her parents would often find her sitting right next to the stereo speaker, belting out Little Orphan Annie tunes along with the album to which she knew every single word. When she began to play the viola in the elementary school orchestra, it became apparent that Elizabeth had a gift for music. Soon after, singing with school choirs and signing herself up for talent shows, she found her true calling.



Musician / Wife / Mom

Elizabeth, along with her husband and 5 children, currently live in McKinney, TX. Not only does she have that one-of-a-kind voice, but she also plays piano and guitar, as well!.

Whatever the type of music she is singing, when people hear Elizabeth’s voice, they can’t help but stop and listen. Some are surprised by such a rich powerful voice coming from her small stature. Her versatility is unmatched—from silky, sultry ballads, to screaming hair-band anthems, to honky-tonk blues, to soaring opera arias. You’ve no choice but to be moved and entertained when you watch her take this one-of-a-kind voice to the stage, pouring her heart and soul into every single word she sings.


Although she began her college career as a biology major, she sang with several university choirs, and quickly realized that she wanted to pursue her true passion: music. At Illinois Wesleyan University, Elizabeth studied both vocal performance and music education. Upon graduating, she headed to Dallas, Texas on a scholarship to SMU’s graduate vocal performance department. After taking a vocal pedagogy class at SMU, Elizabeth became fascinated with the anatomy and physiology of the voice, and precisely how to use it and instruct others to use it. She sought out Joan Wall, a well-known vocal pedagog, and author of the same text and video series that had been used in her class at SMU. Ms. Wall was the head of the vocal pedagogy department at Texas Woman’s University, and it was here that Elizabeth earned her Master’s degree in Vocal Pedagogy.


In the midst of all of this formal, classical singing, Elizabeth was asked to perform contemporary Christian music for a Dallas church’s youth service. Though vastly different from the music she had been singing, Elizabeth was able to adapt effortlessly. Sixteen years later, she is still singing this music for her church, and is a highly sought-after vocalist for weddings, funerals, and praise and worship events.

At her contemporary Christian singing debut at this initial church, Elizabeth’s future husband heard her sing, and approached her immediately after the service. Soon after, they began singing all types of music together. After several years of friendship and music partnership, they were married. Today, they are the proud parents of five beautiful children. Elizabeth and her husband, Jud, can be heard singing together every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at St. Gabriel’s in McKinney, as well as on the weekends in local establishments, singing a wide range of music from classic rock to new country to today’s top 40.